Bill Windsor sting of Sean Boushie at the University of Montana – 90 Minutes of Video – Part 5


Bill Windsor sting of Sean Boushie at the University of Montana.

This is 1 1/2 hours of film to show that Sean Boushie’s car remained in the parking lot at the University of Montana during the time that he cyberstalked me by sending me a taunting email:

At 17:00, the time code and time of day are noted.  This will enable law enforcement and prosecutors to note specific times in the video.

33:15 — Cyberstalking email received from Sean Boushie.  This constitutes several crimes.  I called the police.

35:00 — Police number dialed.

36:00 — Note that when I said the name “Sean Boushie” to the dispatcher, I was placed on an immediate hold.  Audio to 42:00.

49:43 — I gave a brief update.

51:40 to 56:00 — Possible sighting of Sean Boushie outside the building.

1:00:15 to 1:03:00 — Time noted, and the Missoula Police department was called.

1:06 — Sean Boushie spotted – not sure if it is him.

1:07:30 – I got out of the car to put on my bulletproof vest.

1:10:30 — I moved the camera onto the tripod.

1:11:30 — University of Montana Police arrive.  Listen carefully and you can hear us talking.  I will have the ambient sound removed to make this clear.

1:15 — Officer photographs the laptop screen in my Jeep with the email received from Sean Boushie.

1:16:40 — Crystal Cox is discussed with the police officer who I believe worked on cases involving her previously, though he said nothing.

1:18:30 — Police Captain comes into conversation.  I believe he and the Chief of Police were sitting in a car hidden from my view.

1:18:45 — Police officer asks why I would be here if I felt threatened.  I explained that if it takes Sean Boushie shooting at me to get him arrested, I will take my chances with a bullet.

1:19:40 — Captain tells me there will be no arrest today.  They have to get search warrants and subpoenas.

1:19:50 – Captain tries to claim they may not have jurisdiction.  That is absolutely false because (a) he committed the crime on campus, which is their jurisdiction, and (b) I received the criminal email on their campus.  Jurisdiction can be where a stalking communication is sent from or where it is received.

1:22:50 — Police advise me that conflict complicates their investigation, so I agree to leave after filming a story.

1:23 — Police advise me that Sean Boushie has been contacted and told to have no further interaction with me.

1:25 — Police leave my vicinity.  Multiple police cars came back about 15 minutes later, and one officer appeared to be searching on the ground around the outside of Sean Boushie’s building.

Sting nabs Sean Boushie red-handed on government property at the University of Montana – Part 4

Sting nabs Sean Boushie red-handed on government property at the University of Montana – Part 4.

In this video, Bill Windsor explains that he will risk being shot if it gets Sean Boushie put in prison, a mental hospital, or both.

Has Sean Boushie been silenced for now

Has Sean Boushie been silenced for now?

I think Sean Boushie is really running scared now.  I believe he knows that he could be arrested any moment by either Ravalli County Sheriff’s Deputies, the University of Montana Police, or the Missoula Police.

Gee, for the first time in 18 months, I’m not getting emails from him.

I bet he is shaking in his little boots.

According to our web logs, he has been hitting this website once an hour all night tonight.  Eight visits.

Can you imagine the conversation between his wife, Wynette Boushie, and him after they were both served with subpoenas to produce documents and give depositions?  “Hey Sean, what’s all this about you threatening to kill this man?”  “Does he really have Herpes and Syphilis?  How do you know that?”  “You didn’t make up Facebook pages for his deceased parents, did you?”  “It says here that you shot at him on I-90; is that true?”  “Did you really email him using as the email address?”  “What’s this about glory holes?  Have you been to places like that?”

I believe at least one of these law enforcement agencies will arrest him.  My money is on the Missoula Police Department.

I don’t think they have Glory Holes in prison.

Bill Windsor files 284 criminal charges against Sean Boushie with three law enforcement agencies

Sean Boushie, employee of the University of Montana, appears to be a professional cyberstalker.

Bill Windsor filed 284 criminal charges against Sean Boushie with three law enforcement agencies on August 12, 2013 (Missoula Police Department, University of Montana Police, and Ravalli County Sheriff’s Department).

The Missoula County Court and the Missoula Municipal Court are messing around. I was finally able to file an appeal in the Municipal Court about 1:00 pm that will be sent to the District Court. It’s supposed to be “immediately reviewable” because you are in danger.  There was nothing done on it today.  So much for immediately reviewable.

The Missoulian newspaper’s crime reporter, Kate, treated me the way I have been treated by other newspapers that cover up the corruption. I always know when the meeting is held in the lobby with an open conference room in plain sight.

Folks were shocked at one of the local TV stations. Now we’ll see if they follow up.  Perhaps the best news of the day is that the general manager of one of the television stations came out to see me.  It turns out he knew my Dad (who was extremely well-known in the television business after being a pioneer and in the business for 50 years).  He spoke highly of him, and I would have to think that will carry some weight when he passes the package off to the news director.  At the third TV station I visited today, a man who was clearly one of the managers told the receptionist to be sure my package got to the news director.

The best response was when I filed criminal charges against Sean Boushie at the Missoula Police Department. The officer couldn’t believe his ears and eyes. He was shocked that the University of Montana had done nothing. We discussed the various theories for why.  The Police Report number is P130812-012.

In addition to the Missoula Police Department, I filed formal charges with the University of Montana Police and the Ravalli County Sheriff’s Department.  Sean Boushie has committed crimes in each of their jurisdictions.  Now we’ll see if they act on this information.  The Ravalli County Sheriff’s report number is 13OFF-2244.  I have not yet receive a report number from the University of Montana.

I delivered packages to the editor and publisher of the paper, the general managers and news directors of the local TV stations, the Chief of Police, The Chief of the University Police, the President of the University of Montana, and assorted others.

I have more to deliver tomorrow, and I hope some of the media folks will call me back for meetings.

The Clerk of the Ravalli County District Court returned my call late this afternoon to say the judge had not yet dealt with my filings.  She indicated he would do so tomorrow.  That’s going to be interesting.  I toned down what I wrote about his previous order, but it still basically called him a crook.

So, let’s see what happens.  Meanwhile, I am preparing to film on the University of Montana campus on Wednesday.  I will ask students to comment on what Sean Boushie has done and what the University hasn’t done.

Then Thursday brings Mrs. Sean Boushie and Sean Boushie for depositions.  Sean Boushie’s will continue on Friday.  The depositions will be filmed.


Sample Cover Letter to Media and Law Enforcement – 2013-08-12




Sworn Affidavit of William M. Windsor and 128 Exhibits


Bill Windsor provides 22 Sean Boushie email addresses to University of Montana Police Department

Bill Windsor has provided 22 Sean Boushie email addresses to University of Montana Police Department at their request.  This information will be used for subpoenas and search warrants.

From: Bill Windsor []
Sent: Thursday, August 22, 2013 3:18 AM
To:; ‘Taylor, Gary’; ‘Engstrom, Royce’
Subject: Sean Boushie Emails requested by Officer Nick Painter
Importance: High


Officer Nick Painter asked me for a list of Sean Boushie’s email addresses, and I have gone through all 100+ emails to compile this.  They are:,,,,,,,,,,,,, williamwindsorsucks,, MaryWindsor, MaryWindsore, WalterWindsor, WalterWindsore, BabsWindsor,,

I believe he has also set up Facebook pages in my name, my ex-wife’s name, and the names of my deceased parents, so he has those accounts as well.