Has Sean Boushie been silenced for now

Has Sean Boushie been silenced for now?

I think Sean Boushie is really running scared now.  I believe he knows that he could be arrested any moment by either Ravalli County Sheriff’s Deputies, the University of Montana Police, or the Missoula Police.

Gee, for the first time in 18 months, I’m not getting emails from him.

I bet he is shaking in his little boots.

According to our web logs, he has been hitting this website once an hour all night tonight.  Eight visits.

Can you imagine the conversation between his wife, Wynette Boushie, and him after they were both served with subpoenas to produce documents and give depositions?  “Hey Sean, what’s all this about you threatening to kill this man?”  “Does he really have Herpes and Syphilis?  How do you know that?”  “You didn’t make up Facebook pages for his deceased parents, did you?”  “It says here that you shot at him on I-90; is that true?”  “Did you really email him using KillBill@yahoo.com as the email address?”  “What’s this about glory holes?  Have you been to places like that?”

I believe at least one of these law enforcement agencies will arrest him.  My money is on the Missoula Police Department.

I don’t think they have Glory Holes in prison.

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