About Sean Boushie.com

SeanBoushie.com is a news report to expose Sean Boushie of the University of Montana as a cyberstalker.  Bill Windsor of Lawless America is producing a TV special about the University of Montana and Sean Boushie.  This online publication will provide evidence of the cyberstalking activities of Sean Boushie as well as threats that he has made to Bill Windsor and others.

Sean M. Boushie Information

Sean M. Boushie, 570 Grandview Drive, Stevensville, MT 59870

Sean Boushie of the University of Montana

We have captured various IP addresses that he uses, including,, and possibly,, and

Sean Boushie has guns and is apparently talented enough with a bow and arrow to kill animals.  I consider him armed and dangerous.

Sean Boushie photos on Bowsite website.

Sean Boushie’s Photobucket Site had a wonderful slide show of dress-up in the woods with old people wearing old-timey coonskin cap-like costumes, but it looks like he has taken most of the photos down.  :-(   Fortunately, I got screen shots of the most interesting photos, and I am providing all of this information to the Georgia Police Department.

It appears that Sean Boushie drives a 2004 Ford RangerSean Boushie uses the screen name flintlocknfur, and he said he had lost many jobs — 5 jobs in 10 years.

I am posting this information for the benefit of others who have been or may be stalked by Sean Boushie.  From the volume of stalking work, victims speculate that his full-time job is stalking.


This is NOT the website of Sean Boushie.  This is an expose online publication about Sean Boushie.

I, Bill Windsor, write this online publication, and I am producing a documentary film and pilot for a proposed weekly TV series that will feature Sean Boushie.  I am a card-carrying member of the press.  I have been a magazine publisher for most of my career.  I began my media work in high school.  I have been a radio and TV announcer.  I have been a radio news reporter.  I formerly hosted a weekly TV news show.  For the last several years, I have published online, and I have produced online radio and TV shows.  I have over 1,200 videos active at www.YouTube.com/lawlessamerica

This website and all of my websites are protected by the First and Fourteenth Amendments.  Everything that I publish is true and correct based upon my personal knowledge or opinion based upon my understanding of the events and issues.