Sting nabs Sean Boushie red-handed on government property at the University of Montana – Part 1

Sting nabs Sean Boushie red-handed on government property at the University of Montana.  Bill Windsor catches Sean Boushie (aka Sushie) in the act of committing crimes.

Sean Boushie has committed over 300 crimes against me alone.  I have the names of 10 others who he has also cyberstalked, harassed, and intimidated (all crimes in Montana).  But law enforcement and the courts have shielded Sushie and have allowed him to commit one crime after another.

After trying to get four judges and four different law enforcement agencies to do something, and after taking 500-pages of evidence to every newspaper, TV, and radio station in Missoula — with no response or action whatsoever — I decided I would have to do it all myself.  So, I conceived the Sushie Sting.

The Sushie Sting was set up yesterday, August 20, 2013, with a Facebook posting and an article on this website stating that there would be a major announcement on August 21, 2013 at 10:00 am.  This was done to ensure that Sushie would be tuned in at 10:00 am.

Then I went to the University of Montana bright and early on August 21, 2013 to ensure that Sean Boushie’s Sushiemobile (red Ford truck) was in the parking lot where he works. I arrived on campus at 9:40 am:

Sean Boushie’s truck was there — same truck that I photographed in the front yard of his Stevensville Montana mansion two weeks ago — same truck that I photographed in the exact same parking space yesterday.  (Note: I previously posted photos of another red truck and said it was Sean Boushie’s.  Gee, I guess I was mistaken.  I hope that mistake took his guard down so he would think I didn’t know which truck was his.)

I have time, date, and gps-stamped photos and videos to prove when and where I photographed and filmed his truck.

Next stop was the parking permit machine, so I could get a time and date-stamped ticket (as well as my MasterCard receipt) to prove when I was on campus:

Then I headed back to Sean Boushie’s building to find a hiding place and begin filming.

I filmed from 9:43 am to approximately 11:30 am when the police began arriving.

I took still photos as well as video the entire time.  I wanted to establish that Sean Boushie’s truck never left the parking lot and that he never left on foot or in a wheelchair.

This is Part 1 of the videos of the Sean Boushie Sting.  Additional videos are being processed and will be posted in this and  subsequent articles.

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