Bill Windsor sting of Sean Boushie at the University of Montana – 90 Minutes of Video – Part 5


Bill Windsor sting of Sean Boushie at the University of Montana.

This is 1 1/2 hours of film to show that Sean Boushie’s car remained in the parking lot at the University of Montana during the time that he cyberstalked me by sending me a taunting email:

At 17:00, the time code and time of day are noted.  This will enable law enforcement and prosecutors to note specific times in the video.

33:15 — Cyberstalking email received from Sean Boushie.  This constitutes several crimes.  I called the police.

35:00 — Police number dialed.

36:00 — Note that when I said the name “Sean Boushie” to the dispatcher, I was placed on an immediate hold.  Audio to 42:00.

49:43 — I gave a brief update.

51:40 to 56:00 — Possible sighting of Sean Boushie outside the building.

1:00:15 to 1:03:00 — Time noted, and the Missoula Police department was called.

1:06 — Sean Boushie spotted – not sure if it is him.

1:07:30 – I got out of the car to put on my bulletproof vest.

1:10:30 — I moved the camera onto the tripod.

1:11:30 — University of Montana Police arrive.  Listen carefully and you can hear us talking.  I will have the ambient sound removed to make this clear.

1:15 — Officer photographs the laptop screen in my Jeep with the email received from Sean Boushie.

1:16:40 — Crystal Cox is discussed with the police officer who I believe worked on cases involving her previously, though he said nothing.

1:18:30 — Police Captain comes into conversation.  I believe he and the Chief of Police were sitting in a car hidden from my view.

1:18:45 — Police officer asks why I would be here if I felt threatened.  I explained that if it takes Sean Boushie shooting at me to get him arrested, I will take my chances with a bullet.

1:19:40 — Captain tells me there will be no arrest today.  They have to get search warrants and subpoenas.

1:19:50 – Captain tries to claim they may not have jurisdiction.  That is absolutely false because (a) he committed the crime on campus, which is their jurisdiction, and (b) I received the criminal email on their campus.  Jurisdiction can be where a stalking communication is sent from or where it is received.

1:22:50 — Police advise me that conflict complicates their investigation, so I agree to leave after filming a story.

1:23 — Police advise me that Sean Boushie has been contacted and told to have no further interaction with me.

1:25 — Police leave my vicinity.  Multiple police cars came back about 15 minutes later, and one officer appeared to be searching on the ground around the outside of Sean Boushie’s building.