Bill Windsor is advertising for film crew in Missoula Montana

Bill Windsor is advertising for film crew in Missoula Montana.

This ad is running in CraigsList in Missoula Montana:
I am filming a pilot for a proposed TV series in Missoula and Stevensville from July 29 to August 6, 2013. I would like to find a film student to operate the camera when I am interviewing people. 

We will be in high traffic locations on and just off campus to film reactions of students to the expose.

This is a no budget operation, so please let me know what you would want per hour to help. You will receive credit in the film/TV show. I can work around your schedule, or I can use two or three students so I always have a camera operator.

If you aren’t familiar with the Canon XF300, I can teach you. It’s pretty simple. We will be using Sennheiser wireless microphones and Lowell lights when shooting interviews indoors. We also use two Canon 5D Mark III’s.

You should be aware that this is an expose of a University of Montana teacher who I believe has threatened to kill me. I will be wearing a bulletproof vest all week.