Sean Boushie involved in another Near Death for Bill Windsor

Crazy guy Sean Boushie

On May 5, 2017, Sean Boushie involved in another near death for Bill Windsor.

Sen Boushie first attempted to murder Bill Windsor on August 14, 2013.  He shot at him and hit another car.  He admitted this in an email he sent to Windsor.

On May 5, 2017, Bill Windsor was driving down the Florida Turnpike near Orlando when he was T-boned in the side of his little convertible at 75 miles per hour.  He was in the fifth lane of the six Southbound lanes, and he was hit on the driver’s left front and all along the left side of the car.  The  car was totaled.

He knew he was going to die, but an angel saved him.

Jerome Wilt was an eyewitness. He testified that the 18-wheeler hit Windsor at 75 miles per hours, lifted the car off all four wheels, spun it 180-degrees, and slammed it to the pavement.  The car did eight 70-mile-per-hours spins across six lanes of traffic.

Every disk in Bill Windsor’s spine (neck to butt) was herniated or bulging or both.  He also suffered a Diastasis Recti abdominal injury.

Another 911 caller told Windsor that she had been in contact with Sean Boushie.  She then lied about it in her deposition.

Bill Windsor first thought this was simply an accident, the first he had ever been involved with.  But it is now clear that Sean Boushie involved in another near death for Bill Windsor.  He has threatened to harm Windsor hundreds of times, shot at him at least once, nd has stalked him repeatedly.