Sean Boushie refuses subpoena from process server and throws him off his property

On August 5, 2013 at about 7:15 pm, Sean Boushie refused a subpoena from a process server and threw him off his property.

Surprise, surprise.  Big bad Sean Boushie didn’t want to accept a subpoena.  But I thought he would meet me anywhere anytime?  Geez.  Now we have to have a sheriff go out to see him.  Maybe two sheriffs.  We’ll see.

The sheriff has a present for Wynette Boushie as well.

It seems Sean Boushie has his property wired with motion detectors.  The process server said Sean  Boushie was out of the house within seconds after the process server stepped on the driveway.  The process server had photos, so he knows it was him.

The games have begun.  Tomorrow brings Round 2.  It promises to be an EXTREMELY exciting day.

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