Sean Boushie admits he is shaking in his boots, yet continues to cyberstalk and harass Bill Windsor

Sean Boushie admits he is shaking in his boots, yet continues to cyberstalk and harass Bill Windsor.  Here’s the latest email from this thing:

From: William Windsore []
Sent: Monday, July 22, 2013 7:20 PM

Oh no, we are so scared…..  I’m just shaking in my tiny little boots. I’m so scarred that a fat psychopath liar who everybody knows is crazy is going to tell all kinds of lies. Oh what will I do… Maybe ill eat all his pie!!! That will piss him off!  Go get some anti psychotic meds asshole. You don’t have the balls to face a real man in the daylight. All you can do is type on your wittle computer. Your a liar!!! Enjoy your cell.


I will begin filming in Missoula Montana where Sean Boushie, who steals my identity and others, works for Cyberstalker U (University of Montana).  I don’t lie, and I have all the evidence needed to put this guy away for the rest of his life.

We will also be investigating Mrs. Boushie this week.  Her name is Wynette Boushie.  How involved in all of this is Wynette Boushie?  Wynette Boushie has defended her husband, Sean Boushie, before, and it is hard to imagine that someone could defend a criminal like this unless they were involved.  How involved in the criminal activity of Sean Boushie is Wynette Boushie?

We’re going to have vehicles driving around Missoula and Stevensville with signs on them asking anyone who knows Sean Boushie or Wynette Boushie to call us.

We’re going to have posters posted on University bulletin boards, at supermarkets, and anywhere wanted posters for criminals are posted.  We will have people on street corners handing out flyers.

We’re working on some radio commercials.  We have ads on CraigsList, and we may put ads in the local Missoula and Stevensville newspapers.

And I’ll be there in my bulletproof vest with giant letters “TV” on the back.

I cannot wait to get to Missoula to get things rolling.  Filming was scheduled for July 26 to August 1.

There will be several surprises in Missoula and Stevensville this week.  You’ll read about them right here after they happen.

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