Bill Windsor spends the day filming at the University of Montana and Sean Boushie-land

Bill Windsor spent the day filming at the University of Montana and Sean Boushie-land.

The University of Montana may not be a university at all. It may be a front for all types of covert activity. I speculate on this because they don’t seem to have any (many) students! I spent all day there, and I bet I didn’t see over 20 students. They have a good-sized football stadium, so it probably is a university, but I’ve never been to one as isolated and quiet as this one.  There currently isn’t a summer session, but it’s still a strange place.  There are no stores nearby as there is at virtually every campus I have ever been to.  It’s just different.

Wearing a 30-pound metal bulletproof vest in 100-degrees and bright sunlight will flat wear you out. It’s a sweaty business.

It was an interesting time.  I looked for students and found none.  I looked for Sean Boushie’s building, and after being sent to three other locations, I finally found his building, and his supervisor spoke with me.  And whether he knew it or not, that camera I was holding right in front of him was on the whole time.  Charles H. Janson, Associate Dean of the Division of Biological Sciences told me that he didn’t know who I was, but then he seemed to know quite a bit when he started defending Sean Boushie.  He told me that the University of Montana doesn’t care what its employees do on their own time.  And he claims I don’t have proof that Sean Boushie has done this on company time, but I do.  He did provide safe passage to the highly spooky fourth floor where I snapped a quick photo of Sean Boushie’s alleged office door and then escaped with my life.

The University of Montana employees with whom I met all expressed disbelief that the University would not do anything about this.  It is absolutely outrageous because the University of Montana has its own police force, and a complaint of a crime there has to be reported to the kampus kops, as I did.

I may be staying here a little longer than planned.  The backstory that I need to film in Great Falls can’t be done until the 23rd.

I’ll be out with the camera all day tomorrow.  I’ll probably weigh less than a hundred pounds after wearing the bulletproof vest for eight hours in the 100-degree weather.

This is the sewer at the University of Montana near where Sean Boushie works.  I thought it was an appropriate photo.  The official word from the University of Montana today is that they cannot be concerned with what their employees do on their on time.  I told them I have proof that Sean Boushie has stalked and threatened me on University time.  They choose to claim that can’t be true.  We’ll find out when I sue the University.

This is University Hall.  This is where President Royce Engstrom hangs out.  He refused to go on camera, and he gagged all other administrators from speaking with me.

This is the University of Montana Grizzly.  They call the teams the “Griz.”  I guess that would be like calling the Texas Longhorns the “Longs,” or the Ohio State Buckeyes the “Bucks.”

This is the highly spooky office of Sean Boushie.  I was able to photograph it under the protection of Sean Boushie’s supervisor, a bulletproof vest, pepper spray, and assorted other defensive tools.

My new cap.  I thought the “debate” was appropriate.  Are they a front for the government , or aren’t they?  The selection was poor.  I wanted white or grey, but they didn’t have any that said University of Montana in those colors.  So I’m stuck with maroon, which as we all know goes with just about nothing.

Sean Boushie allegedly works in here.  I believe he is in charge of cleaning up.

Another view of the greenhouse that Sean Boushie allegedly cleans up.

This is Sean Boushie’s red truck.  I know because we took a photo of it at his home during our drive-by.

This is Sean Boushie’s red truck.  I know because we took a photo of it at his home during our drive-by.

This is Sean Boushie’s red truck.  I know because we took a photo of it at his home during our drive-by.

This is the Health Sciences Building where Sean Boushie allegedly makes his home in spooky room 415.

I have no idea what HS104 is, but the University computer says he is in 415 in the Health Sciences Building.

This is the entrance marker at the corner of the campus of the University of Montana.

This is University Hall from the circle that is allegedly the center of activity at the University of Montana with the Montana M on the side of the mountain.

The Lawless America Jeep spent a dollar to park at the University of Montana.  My record is intact — no traffic tickets or parking tickets in over 12 years.


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