Bill Windsor makes mass distribution of evidence of the crimes of Sean Boushie

Bill Windsor makes mass distribution of evidence of the crimes of Sean Boushie.

I probably run the greatest risk with what I am doing today. I am going to three courts, three police stations, two sheriff’s departments, and five media outlets (if I can make it that far in one day). Each is receiving full documentation — approximately 500 pages. FedEx Kinko’s loved me.

Here is the letter:

There is a HUGE news story in Missoula and Hamilton that has not been reported.  A serial criminal is running wild, and neither law enforcement, the courts, nor the University of Montana is doing anything about it.  In fact, the courts and law enforcement are aiding and abetting this criminal.

I have been threatened repeatedly by a man named Sean Boushie who is allegedly a biology teacher at the University of Montana.  I fear for my safety and my life.  He claims in an email that he shot at me on I-90 as I drove here on August 4.  He has sent me as many as 16 emails or online postings that I take to be death threats.  He uses Charles Manson’s photos as his own as well as a Glock pistol and a huge knife as his image on Facebook.  He sends me emails using KillBill and  I believe he is responsible for setting up Facebook pages in the names of my deceased parents.  My father is shown on his death bed, and in his casket.  My mother is pictured as a pile of skeleton bones with a wig on top.  He recently offered a reward if I was killed in Texas.  When I left Texas alive, he moved the reward to Arizona.  Sean Boushie has published that I am a pedophile, have syphilis, have herpes, am a con man, and on and on.

According to my count, he has committed over 284 violations of nine Montana criminal statutes.  Sean Boushie has cyber-stalked, harassed, defamed, intimidated, and threatened me for 18 months.  I have documented over 100 emails, online postings, and letters that provide evidence of these crimes.

I have carefully researched Montana statutes, and I am filing charges today against Sean Boushie for several hundred counts of Stalking, Assault, Aggravated Assault, Identity Theft, Criminal Defamation, Criminal Invasion of Privacy, Assault with Weapon, Negligent Endangerment, and Intimidation.  I am filing with the Missoula Police Department and the Ravalli County Sheriff’s Department.

Unfortunately, I have notified virtually all of the law enforcement agencies in the area about the crimes of Sean Boushie, and they have done nothing.  This may be the real story here.

On Friday in Hamilton, I was assaulted twice by Justice of the Peace Jim Bailey when I simply tried to file an appeal of his outrageous denial of my petition for a protective order.  He came into the lobby of the courthouse and tossed my documents to me with a look of hatred, and then he subsequently, with a look that could kill, wadded up my appeal and threw it at me.  Then Ravalli County District Court Judge James A. Haynes issued a completely bogus order denying my appeal.  In Missoula Municipal Court, Judge Jenks denied my petition for a protective order and would not even provide an order to that effect.  It is my belief that the same thing will happen with each judge and each law enforcement agency that I contact.

For some as yet unknown reason, Sean Boushie gets away with hundreds of crimes against me and others.  I know approximately 10 people who he has cyber-stalked and/or terrorized.

There are two theories that I am investigating.  First, there is a rumor that Sean Boushie is a professional cyberstalker, employed by the University of Montana to stalk people for various government entities.  It sounds outlandish, but why would Royce Engstrom, Gary Taylor, and everyone else at the University ignore what this guy does?  And why would Royce Engstrom refuse to comment on camera and order all administrative personnel and faculty to refuse to speak with me?  It would be so simple for them to go on camera and deny this, but they won’t.

The second theory is that sex is involved.  Sean Boushie has an email address –  I didn’t know what a Glory Hole is, but it’s a hole in a bathroom stall that enables sexual activities between folks in adjoining stalls.  Maybe someone has dirty secrets about some powerful people.

I don’t know if either of these are valid, but I do know that Sean Boushie can commit hundreds of crimes, and not only do the authorities do nothing, but they cover up for him.

By the time I leave Missoula, I will know whether the police, sheriffs, judges, and county attorneys in Ravalli County and Missoula County are corrupt.  If I continue to be denied protective orders, the judges who make those bogus rulings will be identified as corrupt.  If the Missoula Police department and the Ravalli County Sheriff’s Department don’t arrest Sean Boushie, their corruption will be established in my mind.

I am in Missoula and Hamilton filming a pilot for a proposed weekly TV series.  It is about cyberstalking as well as judicial and law enforcement corruption.  It is about Sean Boushie, the University of Montana, and all the corruption that I experience and discover here.

If the local news media ignores this story, we will know that they are helping these people get away with what they are doing.

The package that you are receiving is also being delivered today to each of the authorities and media outlets listed on the last page.

The first 30 pages are the criminal charges that I am filing against Sean Boushie.  The next 82 pages are the Petition for Protective Order that I have filed in Hamilton and Missoula.  The next 25 pages are my sworn affidavit followed by 440 pages in 129 exhibits that constitute the evidence.  All of this information is also easily accessed at

If you are law enforcement, I ask you to arrest him and charge him with these crimes.  If you are a county attorney, I ask you to ensure that this is done and that he is prosecuted to the full extent of the law.  If you are media, I ask you to publicize this news.

Please consider this a formal request to interview you for the TV show.  Please advise a time that would be convenient to you the week of August 19.  Also note that I will be on campus on Wednesday filming interviews with students.  I would appreciate police protection.  I will be the gray-haired guy wearing a bulletproof vest with 12” white letters TV on the back.


William M. Windsor

Here is the letter with the list of names, addresses, and phone numbers of the people to whom it is being delivered:




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