Open Letter to the University of Montana Staff and Students, Montana Law Enforcement, and Media about Sean Boushie TV Special


This is a letter that has been sent to the University of Montana administrators, faculty, staff and students; Montana law enforcement agencies; and Montana media about the University of Montana Sean Boushie TV Special.

Lawless America will soon be in Missoula to film a TV special about the University of Montana and employee Sean Boushie.  For the latest news on this, see  By the time I reach Missoula, I hope to have copies of dozens of additional emails and online posts added chronologically to the website to make it easy for anyone to see what Sean Boushie has been doing and what the University of Montana has been allowing.

I am asking each person addressed on this email to be filmed.  I will simply ask you what you know about Sean Boushie and whether the University of Montana pays Sean Boushie to cyberstalk, harass, and threaten people like me.  I will ask whether students should attend a university that would condone such terrorism.

If you refuse to go on camera, please know that your name will be listed on the show as among those who were asked to comment and refused.

I am currently filming in Utah.  I will be in Denver, Rapid City, Great Falls, and Helena  before I reach Missoula.  Currently, I anticipate filming in Missoula from July 1 to 8, 2013.

I hereby request that the University of Montana provide a small room that I can use for filming my interviews.  It will be safer and less disruptive.  I will have one to three bodyguards with me at all times, and I will be wearing a bulletproof vest as Sean Boushie has made a number of threats to do bodily harm to me or kill me.  I would also like to interview students at random to ask their opinions about this.  If possible, I would like to set up at a heavily-trafficked area on campus.  Please advise.

I would like to give Sean Boushie the opportunity to go on camera to defend his actions.  Due to his death threats to me, I am asking if one of the law enforcement entities will provide a room that can be used.  I will pay off-duty officers for protection while there.

I will be visiting the University of Montana, the Missoula Montana Police, the District Attorney, the U.S. Attorney, and the FBI with the cameras rolling to file criminal charges against Sean M. Boushie for stalking, harassment, and the federal crime of perjury in filing false copyright/trademark complaints with YouTube.

I will also be visiting all major media outlets with cameras rolling to ask why they have not covered this story.

I have been told that people suspect the University of Montana knows that Sean Boushie does this and pays him to do it.  That’s a pretty wild idea, but there is no logical explanation for how the university and law enforcement would ignore what this guy has done.  I have made complaints previously, as have others.  If this theory is false, I hope the powers-that-be will go on camera and claim that to be the case.

See you all soon,

William M. Windsor

Movie Trip Phone: 770-578-1094

Fax: 770-578-1057

514 America’s Way #4841

Box Elder, SD 57719-7600

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