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Sean Boushie admits that he filed fraudulent Copyright/Trademark Violation Notices to interfere with Bill Windsor and Lawless America

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Sean Boushie has taken credit for filing copyright/trademark violation reports with YouTube that caused one woman’s Lawless America videos to be removed and a strike issued against the Lawless America YouTube Channel.  Trademark Violation 1Trademark Violation 2Trademark Violation 3Trademark Violation 4Trademark Violation 5Trademark Violation 6Trademark Violation 7Trademark Violation 8.  YouTube will have additional records on these as I didn’t attempt to get screenshots of all of them.  I have copies of Internet postings where Sean Boushie admits that he filed these fraudulent Copyright/Trademark Violation Notices…and more.

YouTube determined the complaints to be bogus, but the videos were down for a month or two.  These copyright/trademark violations have to be filed under penalty of perjury, and it is a federal criminal offense to file bogus complaints.  There were at least six filed, maybe as many as 10; I lost track.  I have many copies of postings made by Sean Boushie and his aliases that include all type of hate, threats, and simply unbelievable stuff.  Crystal Cox, Michael Spreadbury, and Mary Wilson each report they were cyberstalked by Sean Boushie.  Sean Boushie has posted vicious things about Crystal Cox, and she says he has threatened her life.  YouTube Comment.