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Sean Boushie threatens Shawn Rutherford, calls her a bitch, scum, and more – University of Montana must be proud


Sean Boushie threatens Shawn Rutherford, calls her a bitch, scum, and more – University of Montana must be proud.

From: Sean Boushie <>
To: Shawn Rutherford <>
Cc:; Crystal <>
Sent: Monday, August 29, 2011 8:13 AM
Subject: Re: my address

Dear “Sassy,” Crystal, Shawn or what ever you may call yourself or whoever you may be be impersonating,

“all bets are off”…?  Is that a threat? Sure sounds like one. Apparently I’m supposed to be scarred of scum like you? The whole “never done anything” statement doesn’t really ring true anymore does it?

All I can say is…. Bring it on Bitch!

Same offer still stands, COME AND GET ME!!!

Since someone stupid enough to attach themselves to, be friends with or associate in any way with a worthless piece of crap like a lying scum sociopath such as Crystal cox must be of the same mindset. I can only assume that you must also suffer from a serious mental disease or defect. Or you must be some sort of drug addict or meth head, or you must suffer from some other serious cognitive mental impairment

Given your condition I will try to use small words and simple sentences that you can both understand.


  1. I will continue to assist any agency, individual victim, investigator, or law firm in any way possible if they are attempting to bring further civil or criminal charges against Crystal Cox. If that includes once again providing them with your address, her mothers address or the address of any rat infested hole she may be hiding in I will continue to do that.
  2. Don’t like it? See #1
  3. I will continue to do this until the sociopath Cox removes any and all lies connected with me or any member of my family.
  4. Don’t like it? See #1
  5. Consider this your only cease and desist. Do not contact me in any way,
  6. Do not contact any member of my family in any way,
  7. Do not come within one mile of my home,
  8. Do not trespass on my private roads or I will have you arrested for trespassing.
  9. Do not contact my employer
  10. Do not trespass at my place of employment.
  11. Don’t like this? See #1.

I’m sure you don’t have the mental capacity to understand this, and since you and Cox obviously know where I live. When you come make sure you bring Cox and Spreadbury.

Last time I will say this, Leave me alone!!!!!

Email: Sean-Boushie-by-Shawn-Rutherford-2011-08-29