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Wynette Boushie, Sean Boushie’s wife, seems to support him in his cyberstalking and threats

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Wynette Boushie, Sean Boushie’s wife, seems to support him in his cyberstalking and threats.  This article was written by Crystal Cox:
Wynette Boushie, stood up for her husband Sean Boushie and though I have a years worth of proof at and though I have been telling the truth about all of it and proved it, still she does not believe it.. Wynette sends me an email titled “you who reside in Boulder” as this is a threat to say we know where you are… see Um.. where I am working is not a secret nor was it meant to be, to send me emails with that subject is harassing and threatening.. here is the email from Wynette Boushie formerly Wynette Stramer..”Crystal, You need to stop your online harrassment and online stalkingof my husband Sean Boushie. You and I both know that what you aredoing to Sean and a great many other good and honest people is wrong.The only people who are listening to you are your crazy wack job friends. No one believes you any more. I hope that one day you can get the mental help and medication that you so desperately need. It is quite clear from my observation that you are not all there. Wynette L Boushie “See the Lincoln County Attorney as proof with the Steven MockComplaint that sean made, and well could easily get tons more from all that is PROOF at TONS of leads.. why is Wynette chiming in ? And why does she believe Sean? Just because he is her husband? I mean look at the facts..the Hate sites, the hook up sites, the stalking me, the death threat all true – yet Wynette Stramer Boushie is no joining the attack, thing is I have always been telling the TRUTH.. easily proven..

Well Wynette your husband reads my every word.. for over a year.. and has sent horrific hate, email tons of people, posted on craigslist .. all easily proven.. and HE KEEPS COMING FOR ME..

the Truth Is the Truth Regardless of what you believe..

Find your Own Facts Readers.. in FACT go get a Tobacco Valley News and there ya go.. that ought to fill you in…

Wynette Boushie posted this comment in response to the story  by Crystal Cox:
Wynette said…
Crystal you need to shut your putrid dishonest mouth.There is no one trying to kill you. There never has been. The only reason you started this crap in the first place is because you were being encouraged to do so by my old man Stramer so he would have someone to back him up. You people disgust me.You came to the courthouse in Hamilton with no proof, I know because I was there as well.You have a vendetta against everyone that is good, kind and decent.

You need mental help.

I am actually not saying that to be mean. I think at sometime in your life something very bad must have happened to you to mold you into the vindictive person you are today.

And one last thing, of course I will back up my husband Sean. I have every right to do that.

He has done nothing to you. So Shut it. I have had enough. Wynette L Boushie

October 15, 2010 at 5:31 PM

Stalker Sean Boushie subscribes to ALL of Crystal Cox’s YouTube Channels and posts Hate, gets Constant Updates on her Activity

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Stalker Sean Boushie subscribes to ALL of Crystal Cox’s YouTube Channels and posts Hate, gets Constant Updates on her Activity.

This article appeared on the Montana Corruption blog site:

For a Year Now Montana Corrupt Judges, Investigators, Detective, and Corrupt County Attorney Bernie Cassidy of Lincoln County have denied my basic rights, denied me safety and have aiding in defaming me and endangering my life. I have a VERY good Case if you know of an ATTORNEY not afraid of Corrupt Courts in Montana that Wants to Make BIG Money from Several Counties Insurances, Private Property and well.. ALL on this blog who have I have Proven have Endangered my Life and Defamed me..

That being Said this Post is about the fact that Sean Boushie said he was NOT my Stalker though He watched ALL my blogs from work at the University of Montana and Though Bernie Cassidy Lincoln County Attorney had proof he was my Death Threat Stalker.. well part of the Massive Proof on this Blog with several yahoo and GMail accounts – YouTube accounts, blogger accounts and TONS more PROOF.. for any County Attorney, Cop, Detective or JP in Montana with a Brain to LOOK INTO…

Well One of the many things Sean Boushie did over the Last YEAR to attack, harass and defame ME protected by Judge Robin Clute – Corrupt Justice of the Peace in Hamilton Montana.. was to Subscribe to All my YouTube Channels in his Name so that I could see he was watching and this way my health business, real estate and news marketing business would be under constant STRAIN and harassment with the Supervision of Sean Boushie paid by the University of Montana to Stalk, Harass and Defame Me.

I could not make a move in ALL my online business or my LIFE without Sean Boushie – University of Montana protected by Hamilton Justice of the Peace – Judge Robin Clute Commenting, Harassing, Watching my Every move – emailing clients. .and people i wrote on.. Sean Defamed me OVER and over and will lose his Real Estate .. as Will all on this Blog.. as Proving Defamation.. I did that the First Week – though Bernie Cassidy Denied me Due Process for that Defamation Lawsuit against Sean to Take His Property.. and I will.. as my Career is Worth Millions . A YEAR..

I Proved he had a blog that Claimed I was FIRED, thrown out from the Association of Realtors – I got a statement from the NMAR Director that said I quit and was in good standing.. that was proof enough for a major defamation lawsuit against Sean Boushie.

Bernie Cassidy Lincoln County Attorney Interfered with this and Now Bernie Cassidy will USE your Tax Dollars Paying me in a Massive Defamation Lawsuit, and Endangered my Life as Well as having to Leave my home, my business for Fear of my life.. and could not do business ONLINE as the Man Bernie Cassidy – Lincoln County Attorney and Judge Robin Clute Ravalli County Justice of the Peace PROTECTED.. well he kept me under constant attack, duress and defamation for OVER a YEAR now. .and Still Going..

This Lawsuit will Cover several Counties, Individuals, Judges and More and It will provide proof that many others need for a Massive Class Action Lawsuit against all at my blog  – YEP taxpayers.. THEY do the CRIME and You Pay the PRICE – AGAIN !!!

Yes Prezeau and Anderson RETIRED or not you will face Criminal Charges over this, a RICO Complaint, a Federal Hate Crime Charge, and a Major Defamation Lawsuit.  I mean Come on Daryl Anderson and Michael Prezeau YOU did not think you could cause so much PAIN, Suffering.. and Break the Law for So VERY long and then RETIRE with your CORRUPTION Money and have a Peaceful life.. ??? Why are people like me Collateral damage in your Living the High Life and Sucking Up Corruption Money.. ?? I Did not break the law, I had a successful real estate brokerage for over a decade, I was a “Good Girl” and you Set Me up, made MY PEOPLE believe the Bad Person, the Lawbreaker.. the Liar and I WAS telling the TRUTH the WHOLE time.. WHY?

I WILL NOT Be YOUR Collateral Damage.. NO Way !!!

Anyway.. Information On the YouTube Channels is What this POST is About:

So here is Some Hate from Sean Boushie..

Take Note:  I had printed the Details of a vile hateful, threatening blog that Sean Boushie had on Me and Paul Stramer – I gave this information to Stormy Langston and though it was Threatening to Paul Stramer and to Me – Stormy Langston still gave Sean Boushie a Protective Order against Paul Stramer.  See Super Investigator – Fact Checking Judge Stormy Langston asked Death Threat, Hateful Stalker Sean Boushie if he owned the Blog and well NOPE .. he says. .I don’t do nothing on the Internet (though he had tons of stuff online about guns and ammo at the time – i proved that too – Stormy Langston ignored it)

May as WELL email me your Story Judge Stormy Langston, Cuz Anderson and Cassidy won’t protect you.. and I know they made you SET up Paul Stramer.. I saw in your eyes that you felt for me and could do nothing for some reason.. SO Time To Spill ON them Stormy.. CuZ this Shit Storm is NOT Ever Ending.. they RUINED my Life, took my Livelihood, Ran me from My Home Town – my Home State .. they Set Me up.. Endangered my Life and WELL the TRUTH will Roll .. and Roll and ROLL for the Next 30 years at least.. And wait till they hear what Bill Douglas told me..

So HONORABLE Judge Stormy Langston – Better TELL the Truth – the WHOLE Truth and NOTHING but as . .WELL they will Throw you Under this Bus and if you Do have Honor Well Time to Prove it and TELL on Bernie Cassidy, Marianne Roose, Roby Bowe and Sheriff Anderson.. ????

ok So the point on this post is after Stormy Langston asked Sean Boushie if he owned the BLOG and he Said NOPE.. well then he Deleted it. .ALL easily proven.. the one draw back is you would have to Have a Brain.. and WELL no one on this case did EXPECT ME – the Victim and I was SILENCED..

Ok So I backed it UP, printed it, saved it Digitally BEFORE he Deleted it and as this information below rolls out some may go away.. don’t worry FOR my GOOD Civil Rights Attorney – I have it ALL backed UP.  And even if YOU Kill ME.. as Threatened.. well this Story will STILL roll out, Turns out there are many others that you have harmed, lied about and set up and they will continue this story.. so you may as Well Stand uP and tell the Truth now and Join MY – Come to Jesus Party for the CORRUPTION in the State of Montana..

Ok the YouTube Data for Investigators with a Brain..
i received many hateful comments from Sean owner of this account..

As Soon as this BLOG went UP Sean Removed Himself from the Sites in this Link.  I Have Emails from YouTube on his Membership, I have Hard Copies and Videos of the Screen.. Sean Is trying to Hide his Horrible, Defaming, Hateful, Stalking Actions .. however ANY investigator with a Brain or a Desire to do the Right Thing can look into any of Craigs List Posts, Blogs, Gmail or Yahoo accounts and prove that Sean Boushie has been attacking me for a YEAR .. after the August 6th 2009 Death Threat and was protected by Bernie Cassidy Lincoln County Attorney and a Corrupt – NOT based in Law Protective Order Given by  Judge Robin Clute sevaral counties away in Ravalli County Montana.

Here is the Link to Sites he subscribed to. .YouTube – Google can prove that this subscription dropped within the last week.. He subscribed by name just to taunt me..

I have Mass Amounts of back up . .of a Years worth of Torture, all to protect corruption in the Lincoln County Sheriff’s Office and the Ravalli County Judicial System..