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Crystal Cox posts her observations of Sean Boushie’s cyberstalking while on University of Montana payroll

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Sean Boushie, Still PAID by the University of Montana To Read this Site ALL Day EVERY Week Day.

Sean Boushie Searches his name, he clicks on Sean Boushie as a tag, he emails me a blank email from his personal University of Montana Email from the Same IP Address.

The University of Montana must have NO POLICY for Paying Employees to Read Blogs ALL day on their Dime.

August 27th 2009: Sean Boushie Still Here on U of M Time Clock

Sean Boushie is Searching his Own Name, he is on PAID Time by the University of Montana committing a Hate Crime against me and No One Seems to Care about This. He sent me an email 2 days ago from the U of M, Blank Email just to let me know he was still there and it is this Same IP… No ONE Care…

Montana State Judges Protect Sean Boushie

Lincoln County Justice of the Peace Protects Sean Boushie.

the University of Montana Protects Sean Boushie

Sean Boushie is Above the Law and Protected
by Lincoln County Law.

Here are August 26th and August 27th
Web Stats from my University of Montana Stalker.

Is this Post “Defamation” – NO it is NOT.. It is Fact, many say that I can’t know that Sean Boushie is the one that reads my blog all day from the University of Montana, however, I Say I know For Sure and that it is a Fact. There is No Doubt About. I have around 1000 posts on this blog alone, I watch stats and have for years to try and improve my websites, my blogs… I know peoples patterns and NO ONE would be interested all day everday in search for terms such as “Sean Boushie” “Paul Stramer” “sandptcl” and a few other keywords that are ONLY unique to ONE person, and Could not randomly be anyone else.. it just can’t be.

So not defamation, fact, pages and pages of Stats and Facts.. and many can say I don’t know for sure, many can say whatever they like but I stand in Truth, and I do not believe that Lincoln County Montana can stop the Truth on a Blog. Many of you should start your own blog, tell your truth, tell your news.. get heard. You have that Right and One Man telling the Courts he is afraid of my blog postings is Not Enough to Legally shut down this site that in No Way Threatens this One Man, though he had his own blog to Bash Me and to Bash Paul Stramer.

Having never had a conversation with Paul Stramer until the One Man started Attacking, I would venture to say that NO ONE I have Ever Known would Ever Bash the Two of Us on the Same Blog, in the Same Letter or in the Same Protective Order..

Defamation.. NO WAY…

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These posts were provided to Bill Windsor by Glen Gibellina: Sean Boushie by Glen Gibelina


Sean Boushie threatens Crystal Cox because she set up websites to expose him



Sean Boushie threatens Crystal Cox because she set up websites to expose him.

Sean M Boushie said…

“Crystal Cox, This notification follows a previously sent letter sent via certified mail, and an email copy of the same letter. You have been given a sufficient time period and warning to remove your defamatory and slanderous lies about Sean Boushie. You will now immediately remove the below following defamatory lies and slanderous postings from your “blogs” and websites. If you do not do so I will assure you that I will continue with the currently filed complaint against you for Criminal Defamation, MCA 45-8-212 and slander, MCA 27-1-803. Slander defined. As well as Libel and MCA 45-7-202. False swearing, in relation to your now dismissed fraudulent restraining order.

One of the techniques used by stalkers, harassers, libelers, slanderers, and their ilk is to claim that their victims are doing what the stalker has done.

Stephen Mocko reports that Sean Boushie sent a death threat to Crystal Cox

Washington-Spokane-Lawless-America-Movie-2012-08-31 010-640w

Stephen Mocko reports that Sean Boushie sent a death threat to Crystal Cox.

I, Stephen Mocko, being duly sworn, do state upon my oath that I have personal knowledge that I have good reason to believe and do believe based upon the following information:

On or about the night of August 19, 2009 I was forwarded an email by Crystal Cox. In that email it contained a death threat, inflammatory comments against her sexual orientation, and slander against her career, directed at Crystal Cox. I had noticed that the senders email address was then informed me that it was from a Sean Boushie but could not get any proof. I then took it upon myself to write an email to this in a threatening manner in the hopes to get this threatener to reveal their identity. At this point I did not know it was a Sean Boushie. The next day I got a reply message from an email address by I had no knowledge that  this was the Sean Boushie that Crystal Cox had told me about.In that fact how did this get my email address of to send a reply? On the morning of August 28, 2009 at 8.57am, Pacific Standard Time, I received a call from Officer Maury McKinney from the Lincoln County Sheriff’s department. Officer McKinney  asked if I had sent an email to a Sean Boushie. He did not ask if I had sent an email to the email address He then proceeded to read the letter I wrote to

There was one question that came to my mind. How did he get that email? Only Sean Boushie, who filed my letter that was sent to with Officer McKinney, could have written that threatening and slanderous email against Crystal Cox. Attached hereto as exhibit A. This is circumstantial evidence according to 26-1-102(1)   Montana Code Annotaded 2009, that Sean Boushie did in fact write the threats on her life, and purposely caused Crystal Cox to omit her performance of her daily life with the fear that Sean Boushie will carry out his threat on her life.

and I charge that heretofore, and before the making and filing of this complaint, on or before the   ____ day of ___________, _____, in the19 Judicial District court, County of Lincoln and the State of Montana, Sean Boushie ,  did then and there unlawfully and willfully violate Section 45-5-203 Montana  Code Annotated, a  Forcible felony defined by 45-3-101(2) Montana Code Annotated, against the peace and dignity of the State.