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Advertisement posted on University of Montana Facebook page. Students invited to be on TV show to be filmed in Missoula.


This advertisement has been placed on the University of Montana Facebook page:

Lawless America will be filming a TV show in Missoula the last week in July. The show is an expose about a University of Montana teacher who may be a professional cyberstalker. Complete details are at www.SeanBoushie.com. The schedule and film locations will be posted on that site.Students will be shown emails and posts and will be asked to comment on them. Questions will be asked about cyberstalking and online bullying in general and this case in particular. Students will be shown what we believe are death threats from the teacher to the TV show host, and they will be asked their opinion and whether it worries them to have this teacher on campus with them.You’ll know the show host when you see him; he’ll be the gray-haired guy with a beard wearing a bulletproof vest. Also look for the Lawless America Jeep, and the film crew will usually be nearby.

We hope many students will join us for the filming of this TV special.