Sean Boushie continues to cyberstalk, harass, and taunt Bill Windsor

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The pride of the University of Montana, teacher Sean Boushie, continues to cyberstalk, harass, and taunt Bill Windsor.  Sean Boushie pretends to be Bill Windsor in his emails now.  In my opinion, he is living in some sort of sick fantasy world.   As we said back in school, he couldn’t carry my jock strap.  That means this guy Sean Boushie is not a player, not a worthy competitor, not anything.  That’s my opinion of him.

I wish they would just lock him up and throw away the key, but I guess I hope the authorities commit him for a psychiatric evaluation.  If Sean Boushie isn’t crazy, then he’s one helluva actor.

From: William Windsore []
Sent: Wednesday, July 03, 2013 9:50 PM

Oh nooooooooo.  Mr Bill Windsore is hiding in Texas. When is he goingafter his haters?? All the pie is going to waste.  Question is, when is sluggo going squish your fat playdoh ass??? Ohhh nooo.  Did Mr Bill go to Texas to live in his sons basement? Did he find a new special lot lizard “friend” ? Tune in to find out….



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