Sean Boushie of the University of Montana offers a reward for the murder of Bill Windsor


University of Montana employee Sean Boushie has offered a reward for the murder of Bill Windsor of Lawless America.  Sean Boushie of the University of Montana has been stalking and threatening Bill Windsor for many months.

Sean M. Boushie posted this on a Lawless America website and perhaps elsewhere.

This post appeared on the Lawless America Texas Facebook page beneath the name Sean Boushie and a photograph of a big knife:

“So we are starting a lottery for Texas. $5 a bet astowhere and what date Bitler (Bill Windsor) will getthe shit kicked out of him by one of the “haters” . We will pay double if someonein Le does it , 4x if a hater does it, and 10 x if bitler is put in the hospital, or mourge!!!! Come on its just $5 a ticket. I think we can get Ms p to stick the money under her tiiarra.”

Then he posted this message to Bill Windsor a short while later:

“Go fuck yourself. Now that your wife threw you out, I guess its all you can do, except your paid lot lizard friends!! Come get me asshole, there won’t be any drive by picture taking at my house asshole.”

Sean Boushie has threatened Bill Windsor numerous times.  Some are what might be called “veiled threats,” but others are out-and-out threats.

The University of Montana aids and abets Sean Boushie in his terrorism.  The University knows about this, but does nothing to stop it.  And thus far, law enforcement is yet to arrest or charge Sean Boushie.

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