Sean Boushie indicates he may murder Bill Windsor


Sean Boushie posted the following on the Lawless America Mississippi Facebook page, in which he predicts it is just a matter of time before Bill Windsor is murdered:

“What a horrible shame that mentally delusional vexatios nutjobs like the dickless fat asshole Billy “Bitler” windsor are allowed to roam free outside the walls of a mental institution, which is where he currently should reside. Instead the tiny dicked coward is allowed to roam the countryside stalking and harassing innocent and, what appear to him, weaker women who he can intimidate and harass. Why does he do this?

“why does Bitlerdo this? Well, besides the obvious fact that he is crazy nd suffers from some serious mental disease such as bipolar disorder and disassociativeersonality and others, I believe he gets some sick psycho sexual satisfaction over his delusion of power he feels he has over these women.

“As this asshole plots his course of stalking and harassment, its a game of Russian roulette as to which one will not have the patience to tolerate his stalking and finally end his reign of terror. I know I will not, and I will not allow him to take photos of my home, or my place if employment, or my favorite place to dine.

“What’s wrong fat fuck?? Afraid to take on a man?? We all know you like to bully women and little boys. Why don’t you stop looking at that pedophile porn, stop pulling your puny Dick and come ouf from behind your monitor you dickless coward.”

Sean Boushie, employee of the University of Montana, sends so many stalking messages and threats that Bill Windsor doesn’t even have time to deal with them.  What a credit to higher education and the University of Montana.  No one in their right mind should send their child to the University of Montana!

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