Sean Boushie claims he missed and shot the car next to Bill Windsor today on the Interstate near Billings Montana


Sean Boushie claims he missed and shot the car next to me today on the Interstate near Billings Montana.

I just received this email from Sean Boushie, the Missoula guy who has threatened to kill me:

“Here kitty kitty kitty.. Come on big fat kitty kitty… Come to mamma, you fat lying, asshole. Too bad I missed and hit that other car huh, I didn’t know it would explode like that… By Coward.”

As I was driving down Interstate-90 in Montana today, a car in the lane to my right burst into flames and smoke filled the road.

I slowed up as did a car just ahead of me and undoubtedly everyone behind us.  When the smoke cleared, I didn’t see any flames, but the driver had pulled his car off onto the side of the road, and the car ahead of me pulled over as well.

I didn’t stop to ask if they had been shot. I figured it was just a blown engine, but who knows?

Then Sean Boushie emails me to take credit for it.  Who am I to doubt him.  I will get this to the authorities first thing in the morning.

2013-08-04-Montana-Billings 057-640w

2013-08-04-Montana-Billings 058-640w

2013-08-04-Montana-Billings 057-640w


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