Sean Boushie publishes lies and veiled threats on


Sean Boushie publishes lies and veiled threats (using his John Smith alias) on

john smith January 5, 2013 11:37 PM

Nope. 13 degrees today. I’m sure crystal cox has him all riled up. She filed a $480 million dollar lawsuit agaist us last week. We’ll me and 40 or so others. Looks like the both run out of meds at about the same time. I can email you the 65 page bs ifyou want a laugh. Just don’t need it public.

Windsor emailed everyone I work with asking for filming victims. He’s shown up at my house when I wasn’t home last trip, we might have a surprise waiting this time….

I’ve never even been to Missoula or Stevensville Montana as he lies and falsely claims.


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