Sean Boushie emails Bill Windsor using two stolen identities


Sean Boushie emails Bill Windsor using two stolen identities.  In this email, Sean Boushie uses the stolen identity of Bill Windsor as the sender, and he shows the message to be from Crystal Cox.

From: William Windsore []
Sent: Saturday, July 06, 2013 12:25 AM

Oh Bill, I’ve decided I can live my life without you. I know I love women, but I can’t wait to suit on your big soft flabby lap and rub that big belly again. I hope we can make amends and try to extort that Sean Booshie again. even if it causes us a few more mi,lion in defamation claims I don’t care, I have to have you all over my flabby lesbian body. Maybe we can get that ooga boobies woman to join us in a threeway.. Ill meet you in Missoula, make sure you bring lots of ammo and your super extra bullet proof vest.  Yours in internet psychotic stalking, dear Crystal.


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